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PSY 212: Personality: Reading and Evaluating

The CRAAP Test

The CRAAP Test is an easy-to-remember way to evaluate your source. It will help you figure out if your source is good or it it's- well, you know...


Currency: When was this written/published?

Relevance: Does this help me with my research?

Authority: Who wrote this? What are the author's credentials?

Accuracy: Is this true? Does it seem reliable?

Purpose: Why was this written? Does the author have an agenda other than educating others?

Taking good notes

Use a note-taking system that works for you!

If you haven't found one yet- try this- it's what works for me:

Before you read

APA Citation of source

While you read

(pg #)

  • notes   

    • more

    • notes

      • mhmm


  • next page’s notes

After you read



Short summary of article:

Author’s main findings:


Relationship to my topic:

Relationship to other articles I’ve read:

Is this useful to me?

Relevant Articles

Not everything you find will be relevant. That can be frustrating, but so can getting points knocked off for not doing a bit more reading.

IMPORTANT:You should be able to easily prove that an article is related to your topic- heck, it should be self-evident! Read the abstract or the intro and conclusion of every article you consider before reading the whole thing.

Think about it! Remember- this is part of your final grade. If your topic is about the impact of mindfulness meditation on learning, an article on the impact of exercise on learning or an article on mindfulness in relationships isn't going to cut it!