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ENG 303 - The Victorians : Your Assignment

Historical Presentation Assignment

For this assignment, you have been asked to create a 15-20 minute presentation that communicates thoroughly the historical background of your topic. Each presentation should be informed by one primary (literary) source and five secondary sources (one visual/audio, one primary source, and three scholarly articles of books). This guide is specifically designed to: 



Tips For Success In College Writing

Avoid passive voice, write in the active voice. 

Make your points concisely without putting in fluff or scaffolding. Don’t use four adjectives when one will do, but also be clear.

Read!!! The key to writing well is careful reading.

Utilize paper writing tools: Professor, Librarian, Writing Lab, Library.

Read relevant sources completely, even if you don’t use them.

Make notes, drafts, and revisions. Start early and  take your time.

Plan ahead. Make a timeline or calendar. Set goals realistically and meet goals consistently.

Develop a strong thesis, but don’t be afraid to keep it fluid and malleable.

Cite correctly and be original.

Argument and counter-argument, know both sides of an issue.