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ENG 336: Modernism: Identifying Themes and Analyzing

Guide with resources for the final paper on Modernism. Fall 2014

Using the research matrix

The research matrix will help you connect and analyze your sources as you seek to answer: "What is modernism"

Keep an eye our for themes, questions, and subtopics that relate to your research, even while forming your question. The more thought you put in to your work early on, the easier it will be to write the paper later on.

Working Example: Modernist Art and Politics

Barnes, David. "Fascist Aesthetics: Ezra Pound's Cultural Negotiations In 1930S Italy." Journal Of Modern Literature 34.1 (2010): 19-35. MLA International Bibliography. Web. 31 Oct. 2014.

Bullivant, Joanna. "Modernism, Politics, And Individuality In 1930S Britain: The Case Of Alan Bush." Music & Letters 90.3 (2009): 432-452. MLA International Bibliography. Web. 31 Oct. 2014.

Ho, Janice. "The Crisis Of Liberalism And The Politics Of Modernism." Literature Compass 8.1 (2011): 47-65. MLA International Bibliography. Web. 31 Oct. 2014.


These three articles were found in the MLA International Bibliography. We'll take a few minutes to each find them, and read the abstracts. Think about different themes, questions, and search terms. Don't be afraid to look up words that you don't know on google or wikipedia!

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