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ENG 336: Modernism: Your Assignment

Guide with resources for the final paper on Modernism. Fall 2014

Important Dates

November 7: Matrices Due for your research paper

November 17: Literature Review

November 24: First Chunk of Paper due

Dec. 1: Final Essay Due

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Final Paper Summary and Guidelines

Your eight-page research paper will focus on several texts unified through a single issue that answers the question “What was Modernism?” You can also draw on art and music. Whatever you do, you will need to make an argument. Your introduction will present some aspect of modernism and the texts you will be talking about during the course of your paper.


Criteria for Paper (page length 8 pages):

  • Presents a well-organized, analytical paper that focuses on one major text (or several poems) that deals with at least one theme we generally associate with the modernist period
  • Strong analytical thesis stated in first paragraph
  • Sufficient support and development
  • Topic sentences that guide us through your argument
  • Paper is supported by a solid range of scholarly research in the field—this will include one to two scholarly journal articles and at least ONE book at the very minimum. I repeat, these are the absolute minimum requirements! You can also use your Norton Anthology and approved scholarly web sites. All documentation in MLA style
  • Demonstrates a common theme
  • Looks at that theme from different perspectives (comparing and contrasting how different writers respond to the same theme, for instance)
  • Provides documentation for all source material in MLA style
  • Demonstrates creativity in approach
  • Demonstrates the ability to closely read texts as well as to offer breadth and historical context for that reading
  • Offers an answer to the question, “What was modernism?”

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