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English Capstone

Understanding Capstone

The first step in this journey is understanding the goal so that you can choose an appropriate topic. So, what are the goals (Learning Outcomes) for ENG/WRI 601? 

You should be able to discuss literature in an engaging way that offers your own insights; demonstrate your ability to analyze and synthesize texts; identify, use, evaluate, and integrate a range of sources; and demonstrate your understanding of literary tradition, historical and cultural context, and critical methods of reading literature. You also need to show your (beginning) mastery of a particular genre of creative writing and to write convincingly about the art of creative writing.

What does that look like?

ENG-track: In addition to your critical analysis, you will craft a creative writing piece that relates (theme, genre, etc.) to your critical analysis topic. As you choose your topic, think about which aspect of that topic you will incorporate into your creative piece, how you will incorporate it, and how that will serve your piece.

WRI-track: In addition to your creative writing piece, you will write a critical analysis on a topic that relates (theme, genre, etc.) to your creative piece.  As you choose your topic, think about how it relates to and can be used to justify your own creative choices. 

This guide will provide examples of what a Capstone topic might look like for both ENG-track and WRI-track. While the focus of your project may differ slightly based on your track, the research process is largely the same. 

The Research Journey

What you think your research journey will be like:

A simple map with path going in a straight line from left to right.

Image Source: 2021, Rebecca Graham, CC BY 4.0

What your research journey is actually like:

A very confusing map with twists and turns

Image Source: 2021, Rebecca Graham, CC BY 4.0

Here is a quick video to explain the process!

Graham, Rebecca. "The Research Process: The Journey from Idea to Finished Paper" YouTube, uploaded July 2019.