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CJS 102: Deviance : Citing

Other Styles



(We're always happy to help you with other citation styles!)

Create a Mendeley Account

Follow these steps to get started with Mendeley citation management:

1. Go to and Create a Free Account. (please make sure to use your email address for your account)



2. When you login with your new account, you will be able to view and edit your Library of citations from this page, or download an app to your computer called Reference Manager to use your Library. 

** Please note: As long as you have an internet connection, changes made to your Library will sync between the Library in your browser and the Library in Reference Manager.


ASA Style

In-text citations
typically include the author's name, the year published, and the page number (if applicable).

(Hildenbrand 1999:47)

If the author is mentioned by name in the preceeding sentences"Accordng to Hildenbrand..." you leave out the autho's name (1999:47)


Author Last, First and Author First Last. Year of Pub.Title. City, State Abb./Country of Publisher: Publisher.

Journal Article

Author Last, First. Year of Pub. "Title." Journal Name volume # (issue #): inclusive page numbers if available.


Corporate Author Name or Last Name, First of Author. Date of Pub. "Title." Retrieved Month Day, Year (URL).

More info from Harvard University here!