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Library DIY: Finding Other Resources

Where can I find data sets?

There are a lot of datasets out there; your professor might prefer that you use one particular resource so be sure to talk to your professor before you begin.

Here are a few options:


ICPSR homepage

What it is: Headquartered at the University of Michigan, this organization provides data on a wide variety of social science topics and allows you to contextualize the data with related publications.

Topics: Demographics, politics, education, consumer behavior home page

What it is: Datasets and visualization from government-funded research through the 2013 Open Data Policy.

Topics: Local government, climate, agriculture, education, energy, economic

US Census Data

Census Data home page

What it is: Datasets, dashboards, and visualization from the US Census Bureau

Topics: Population size, demographics (age, sex, race), income, education level, and more. Information is available at the national, state, and county levels (depending on data type).


UN Data home page

What it is: This resource, provided through the United Nations compiles data from international organizations on a wide variety of topics.

Topics: International Development, Trade, Education, Technology, Health


Data hub home page

What it is: Community based repository for a wide variety of datasets (for analysis and machine learning)

Topics: Economic, Health, Education, Climate Change, Football

NASA - EarthData

Earth data home page

What it is: Data collected by NASA on a variety of scientific topics, primarily about environmental sciences. (Must register for a free account to Download)

Topics: Environmental Science, Chemistry, Biology

See also: NASA - LANCE (near real-time data) and CEOS - International Directory Network

Our World in Data:

Our world in data home page

What it is: Provides overview articles that visualizes international trends. At the end of each article (before the footnotes), they provide links to data sets used in compiling the information.

Topics: Health, Politics, International Relations, Technology, Education, Energy, Environment