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Library DIY: Finding Other Resources

Where can I find information about a company or industry?

Company and industry information can be helpful for business, marketing, PR, and other projects.

You can find many types of information on a company website, but each company sets up their website slightly differently and so it might be easier to use one of these library resources:

For Company Information:

Nexis Uni

Use the Guided Search on the home page and select "Company Info", enter the company name, and select the type of information you are looking for (company profile, SEC filings, analyst reports, etc.).

Nexis Uni Guided Search page

You will be able to filter your results by date, location, source, and more.

You can also search SEC filings and reports directly on the Security and Exchange Commission's EDGAR search page, but the user interface can be tricky. 

Mergent Online

Mergent Online search page

Mergent offers information and analysis on a company's profile and financial information.

Use the report builder to pull specific information from one or more companies into an Excel-readable file!

For SWOT Analyzes and reports:

Often, SWOT and industry reports can be found on the open web. Pay special attention to who is publishing the report and what the purpose might to be - Try to be critical about why a company would want to spin a positive story.

You can also find SWOT reports on Business Source Elite by searching "company name + SWOT Analysis".  For example: "Coca Cola SWOT Analysis"

Business Source Elite search results for "Coca Cola SWOT Analysis