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ePortfolios: Getting Started

Resources for Education Students

Resources for Honours Students

Templates that are geared towards blog are likely going to be the most helpful because they're meant to be more text heavy. Here are some you want to check out and maybe use for inspiration(or just use):

Picking a Platform

  • Do you need to keep it secure? Does it need a password? Can it live online for anyone to see?
    • Most websites allow for passwords. If you don't want it to "live" online, a document is better.
  • How much effort do I want to put into design?
    • Platforms with templates are helpful.
  • Am I already familiar with a platform that would work?
    • Are you a wiz with PowerPoint or InDesign? Maybe WordPress? This will save you time of learning something new.
  • Based on my content and how I want to present my content, will this platform achieve that goal?


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