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HIS 102: Was it genocide or not?

So you have a topic...


Step 1: Explore Credo or Britannica  (or look for encyclopedias!) to find some tertiary info on your topic.

Step 2: Make a list of what you know and what you need to know.

We know We need to know
  • Labeld an "assimilation policy"
  • Happened between ~1910 and ~1970
  • Children taken from parents, they are call the 'stolen generation'
  • Some things australia is doing now to acknowledge the stolen generations. (National Sorry Day/Day of Healing, resources for those looking for their own story, resources for indiginous people though national archives
  • What was the vocabulary of the time in describing the event? (helps me search, esp. for primary source)
  • Was forced sterilization and the 'stolen children' carried out with the intent to destroy the group? If so, good case for it IS a genocide.
  • Why did this go on until the 1970s? (describing the ecent)
  • What did british settlers/australian population of british desent think about australian aboriginals that they let this happen? (context)
  • Look into "Australia's Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission in 1997" (mentioned in Credo)



Slide Outline

Possible 'slide outline': (after looking at credo)

  1. Who are the Aboriginal Australians, overview of history/culture (description)
  2. Contact with British settlers, founding of australia, displacement + loss of autonomy by aboriginal australians (context)
  3. Perception of Aboriginal Australians by british australians in early 20th century (context)
  4. Massacres in early 20th century (description of event)
  5. Taking of children into foster homes/mission schools (stolen generation) (description of event)
  6. Reasons why it should/shouldn't be considered a genocide
  7. Australian actions today (sorry day vs sterilization accusations?)

8th slide= primary source wherever it best fits?