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PSY 221 Childhood and Adolescence: Your Assignment

Term Paper

For this assignment, you are asked to write a 7-8 page research paper that is based on scientific literature. It will synthesize research from the literature, and draw conclusions based on your research. Your paper should also be written in APA style, and will follow all the guidelines outlined by your professor.

A checklist for success

  • Find a manageable, interesting, and sustainable topic of interest related to child or adolescent development
  • Use scholarly and popular information to gain a 'background' understanding of the major themes, issues, and opinions related to your topic
  • Search multiple sources of scholarly information to get a good understanding of what has been done on this topic
  • Read your sources well, probably a few times.
  • Take good notes
  • Compare your notes to synthesize the information in the literature to help support your ideas.
  • Write the darn paper!

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Assignment Timeline

Wednesday, Sept. 5: Library Session- Developing a topic, starting to search.

Monday, October 1:  Paper Topic Due (post on D2L by 9:00pm)

Friday, November 16: Paper Due (post on D2L by 9:00pm)


Subject Guide

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