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SPA 601: Spanish Capstone

Search Terms to Get You Started

Write out your research question. 

  • Example: What factors impact Spain's current international trade policies?

What other questions would you need to answer?

  • Examples:
    • What are Spain's current international trade policies?
    • How have Spain's international trade policies changed over time? Which specific historical periods am I comparing? 
      • Why did these changes occur - social, political, economic, or other reasons?
    • What are Spain's major exports & imports? How are their policies impacted by the specific items they export/import?

Now, how do you use these questions to generate search terms? Identify the primary nouns in each question - those are your main keywords. Then, make a list of possible related terms and subtopics. Combine these terms using AND and OR (see the Tips & Tricks for Effective Research) to form search strings.

  • Example: 
    • Factors: 
      • General - social, political, economic
      • Specific - import/export balance, infrastructure, competitiveness, exchange rates, inflation, supply, demand
    • Policy:
      • General - law, regulation, standards
      • Specific - customs, restriction, tariff, duty, subsidy, quota
    • Other terms: trade, commerce, global, international

Library Resources

These are just some of the resources the library has (using the search string "Spain AND Internation Trade") - Add a time period or specific factor to your search for more specific resources.