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SPA 601: Spanish Capstone

Search Terms to Get You Started

Write out your research question(s) and identify the primary nouns - those are your main keywords.

  • Example: What public health disparities affect women in Latin America?

Now, make a list of possible related terms and subtopics - are you interested in specific countries? specific public health concerns?

  • Example: 
    • "public health disparities" - health, obesity, maternity, morbidity, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, gynecological care...
    • "women" - female, mothers, girls, gender...
    • "Latin America" - Central American, South America, Carribian, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba...

Combine these terms using AND and OR (see the Tips & Tricks for Effective Research)

  • Examples:
    • Health AND Women AND Latin America 
    • Malnutrition AND Mothers AND (Mexico OR Latin America)


Recommended Databases

Medical, Nursing, and Public Health 

Gender and Sociological Resources

Demographics, Health stats, and other data

Library Resources