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SPA 601: Spanish Capstone

Getting Started

Write out your research question in its broadest form: 

  • Example: How has La Chingada/La Malinche been perceived throughout history?

What other questions would you need to answer?

  • Examples:
    • Which historical periods do you want to compare?
    • How do you want to measure popular perception? Literature; Journals/News stories/Primary sources; Religion and Mythology? 
    • Will you address the "historical accuracy" of these perceptions?
    • Why was she portrayed this way? Why such strong emotions on both sides?
    • How have the political, social, religious, etc. situations in Mexico influenced these perceptions?

Now, how do you use these questions to generate search terms? Identify the main nouns in each of your subquestions and use AND and OR to combine them in various ways

  • Examples: 
    • La Malinche AND (Mythology OR Religion)
    • La Malinche AND Literature
    • La Malinche AND "Popular Perception"
    • La Malinche AND (Histor* OR Accura*)

Think about synonyms for those terms. For example, what other names was she known by? La Chingada, Dona Marina, Marina, Malintzin, others?

Recommended Databases

Literature, Mythology, Religion


Social Sciences

Don't forget to search in Academic Search Complete - it's a great multidisciplinary database and might provide some perspectives you hadn't even considered.

Library Resources