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BC 601: Capstone/Documentary Production: Assignment Overview

A guide to assist with student research

Your Assignment

Part 1:  By Wednesday, Feb. 3, 10:30am (10 points)

You will e-mail a copy of your revised concept statement to me and Jamie Kohler at McGill Library.  She will serve as our liaison for the next part of your research for background material for your documentaries.  You did this already! Hooray!


Part 2: Meet in McGill Library, Big Lab 

Friday, Feb. 5, 10:30am (25 points)

Goals for the library visit include:

  • Identifying at least one more documentary related to keywords for your research or one that actually addresses your topic.  You must secure it, watch it and offer a serious, critical analysis of it.  The goal here is to determine what already exists and get a handle on what’s been done before so you do not repeat it.
  • You will also search Lexis/Nexis for addition news sources to give you background information.  You should not search for anything that dates back before 1995.
  • You will generate a list of at least 7 new sources and develop each one as part of your annotated bibliography.
  • You will become well versed in your topic as a beginner expert.
  • You will track down or determine where to locate additional people to interview; where and when to shoot b-roll; and locate artifacts related to your topic for possible use in your documentary.


Part 3: Individual Consultations

On or before 5 PM, Friday, Feb. 22 (40 points)

At the end of the library visit, you will schedule a follow up, one-on-one consultation with Jamie Kohler.  You will bring your annotated bibliography and seek feedback and advice on how to beef it up and make it better.  Remember you are researching for background, potential interview sources, experts, facts, information, color and even artifacts for your documentary.  You should be able to discuss or present on your topics as a beginning expert and know much more than I do on the topic. 


Part 4: In-class Oral Report with Annotated Bibliography

Monday, Feb. 24, 10:30. (40 points)

You will also submit your updated annotated bibliography (it should have at least a dozen sources listed at this time including the sources previously identified).  Submit this to Dropbox on D2L.

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