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BC 601: Capstone/Documentary Production: Part 4: Annotated Bibliographies

A guide to assist with student research


An annotated bibliography is a way to plan for your paper, share your research with others, and prove that you actually read the references. Writing an annotated bibliography is easy- you just write two short paragraphs below each reference. The first paragraph will be a brief summary, the second paragraph will be an assessment of the work.


It might sound scary

If you've never done it before, but an annotated bibliography is real easy. You've probably put together bibliographies in the past, and an annotated bibliography isn't that much different and it can be really helpful with the paper-writing process.

An entry in an annotated bibliography looks like this:

Citation (remember, proper formatting is important!)

Brief paragraphs. One summarizes the source. The second assesses the source and talks about how it relates to/will be helpful with your research.

And that's it. You can easily use Endnote or another citation tool to create a bibliography and then just add your own annotation below each entry.

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