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BC 601: Capstone/Documentary Production: Part 2: Using Library Resources

A guide to assist with student research

Assignment, Part 2

Part 2: Meet in McGill Library, Big Lab 

Friday, Feb. 5, 10:30am (25 points)

Goals for the library visit include:

  • Identifying at least one more documentary related to keywords for your research or one that actually addresses your topic. 
  • Search Lexis/Nexis for addition news sources to give you background information (post 1995 only).
  • Generate a list of at least 7 new sources and develop each one as part of your annotated bibliography.
  • Become a "beginner expert."
  • Track down or determine where to locate additional people to interview; where and when to shoot b-roll; and locate artifacts related to your topic for possible use in your documentary.

We don't have it? ILL it!

If Westminster College doesn't own a video, book, or article, that you need, you can usually still get it (with a bit of patience!)

Click the "I need it now!" button on the WISE record of something you want that Westminster doesn't own.

Alternatively, visit the ILL webpage and choose the Film/Video form to request a documentary that you did not find through a WISE search.

The first time you use this service, you will have to create an account, but afterwards it's smooth sailing. 

Articles will be delivered electronically and typically take 3-5 business days. Videos and books can take up to two weeks and can be picked up at the LIS Help Desk. 

Finding Documentaries

The following links are useful when searching for documentary sources.