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ENG 431 - The Brontes: Your Presentation

Critical History of a Novel Presentation

Your Novel: ___________________________

In this presentation, your task is to serve as experts on that novel’s contents, composition, and reception

1. Compile an annotated bibliography of six (minimum) scholarly sources.  This might include:

  • Biography
  • Autobiography
  • New criticism (20-21st Century)
  • Old/historic/contemporary criticism (Victorian)

2. Synthesize and condense your findings into a 15-20 minute PowerPoint presentation.

3. Conduct a 10-15 minute focused discussion of the novel.





 Portrait of Emily Bronte 

Subject Guide

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Jamie Kohler

Tips For Success

  • In PowerPoint, text is not your friend.  Use sparingly.  
  • Practice and prepare!  Presentations always go better if you run through them once with your partner first.
  • Just like when writing a paper, make notes, drafts, and revisions. Start early and take your time.
  • Utilize tools: Professor, Librarian, Library, Learning & Writing Services.
  • Read sources for background information, even if you don’t cite them in your annotated bibliography.
  • Plan ahead. Make a timeline or calendar. Set goals realistically and meet goals consistently.
  • Have a plan for your discussion, but don’t be afraid to keep it fluid and malleable.  Overprepare, and don't be upset if you don't get to everything you planned.