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ENG 431 - The Brontes: MLA Style/EndNote


An annotated bibliography is a way to plan for your paper, share your research with others, and prove that you actually read the references. Writing an annotated bibliography i is easy- you just write one or two short paragraphs below each reference, including a brief summary of the article and also your assessment of the work. 


It might sound scary

If you've never done it before, but an annotated bibliography is real easy. You've probably put together bibliographies in the past, and an annotated bibliography isn't that much different and it can be really helpful with the paper-writing process.

An entry in an annotated bibliography looks like this:

Citation (remember, proper formatting is important!)

Brief paragraph(s). Summarize the source. Assess the source and talk about how it relates to/will be helpful with your research/enhances your understanding of the novel.

And that's it. You can easily use Endnote to create a bibliography and then just add your own annotation below each entry.

Getting Started With EndNote

New to EndNote?  It makes keeping track of your resources SO much easier.

EndNote basic Basics

EndNote basic is a web-based citation manager where you can store, group, and edit your references. 

  • To add a reference by hand, click the "New Reference" button located under the "Collect" tab and input the necessary information. 
  • To import a reference, click the "Import References" button, and choose a file to upload. These will be files downloaded from WISE or a database. 

To enable EndNote basic to help you write your papers for you, install the "Cite While You Write" plugin found under the format tab. Once the installation is complete, you need to configure the plugin correctly before you may use it. See a librarian if you need assistance setting up this plugin. 

MLA Help On the Web

MLA Resources In The Library

The APA Publication Manual is available on course reserve. You can obtain it by asking at the circulation desk. Ebooks can be obtained electronically through WISE, the discovery platform located on the main library homepage