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ENG 431 - The Brontes: Doing Research

Annotated Bibliography

To-Do List:

  1. Find at least 6 scholarly sources for your annontated bibliography/presentation.
  2. For each source you select, write a one-paragraph annotation that briefly summarizes, evaluates, and suggests relevance: why is the source important to our understanding of the novel?
  3. Your document will likely total 5-6 typed pages.

Remember - your course texts already provide you with a bunch of great resources to start with!

  • Norton Anthology (Victorian volume) intro
  • Novel introductions, bibliographies, and appendices
  • Bedford (Jane Eyre) volume

Contemporary Book Reviews/Literary Criticism

You will likely want to include some contemporary literary criticism and book reviews in your presentation.  These sources will help you.

Literary Criticism and Reviews

Many of these databases also include biographical information and contemporary reviews!  (You will likely notice the duplication.)

Biography and Autobiography

Streaming Media

Did you know that the library offers streaming video? You can even create clips and embed them into your PowerPoint presentations!  And there is definitely stuff on the Brontes!

Online Resources

Here is a list of websites that have background and historical information about the Brontes that may help you to get started. Beware, however!  These sources would not likely be considered scholarly.  Use with caution.