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Faculty Research Tools

Digital and physical resources to help faculty with their research, including assistance with data and citation management.

Resources for Pedagogical Research: Your Librarians

Here are our current areas of research interest, but we are always willing to branch out.

John Garrison

  • Student use of Wikipedia and other web sources
  • Just-in-time acquisition of serials (article) content

Jamie Kohler

  • Use of Ebooks or Streaming Media in higher education
  • Digitization/Digital Humanities
  • Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Student participation in archival work

Becky Graham

  • Digital Accessibility
  • eLearning / Online Learning with a focus on student engagement

Resources for Pedagogical Research: Sources

Getting Data out of D2L

D2L houses some helpful data for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research projects and also just for your general knowledge.

There are two main outlets to obtain some of this data. If you are looking to evaluate and manipulate the data, you will need to manually collect it, there is no easy export function currently.

  • View content statistics--You can easily see who has opened content items and how much time they've spent with it. See if there's content none of your students have looked at. Uploaded videos? See if your students have even opened it. See the document link below for more details.
  • View "Class Progress"--The "Class Progress" tab on your course navigation will give you insight into each individual. How much (and what) content have they looked at? How many times (and when) have they logged in? You can get detailed insights!