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Faculty Library Resources: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette @ Westminster College

Campus members of Westminster College - all current students, faculty, and staff - have access to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette during the academic year.  In order to access the content, you will have to register yourself under the College's account.  To do so, please follow these instructions:

  • Find the e-mail about the Post-Gazette sent by John Garrison at the beginning of the school year, OR
  • E-mail John Garrison for the College's account information and set-up instructions.

Registering with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the Westminster College account will give you access to all of the content on the Post-Gazette's website, as well as digital copies of the daily print edition.  See below for a list of the available sources for the digital Post-Gazette:

  • PGe at, the digital replica of the daily print newspaper.
  • Pittsburgh Press at, the afternoon electronic edition.
  • Web and Mobile sites at
  • PG Reader, the mobile app for your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and/or Kindle Fire devices.

If you have any questions about Westminster College's access to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or have difficulties with it, please e-mail John Garrison.

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